Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Wish List

In Full Flight: Roger makes a lovely volley.
The year 2010 was a bit up and down for Roger and his numerous followers, but the way he played the last few tourneys, especially the World Tour Finals would have delighted even the most skeptical of his fans. To see Roger in full flow is a sight that is extremely rare in sport as hardly anybody has looked so ethereal in their particular field. As we all know, he is truly a master in every sense of the word. He is considered the greatest tennis player ever (rightfully so!), but he is much more than just that... A great human being and a striking example to people the world over. The way he conducts, carries and expresses himself is a source on continuous education for someone like myself. It is a boon to be able to watch him in this day and age where people of his quality and refinement are exceedingly rare. More power to this Divine Instrument!

Unabashed Admirers: Roger with Diego Maradona.
Victory: Roger's 66th career title.

So without further ado, let's list out 11 things that Roger should accomplish in 2011:
1. Grand Slams no.17 & 18. (C'mon, that's a must!)
2. World No.1 ranking. (How can anybody else be No.1 when the master is still playing?)
3. More serve & volley attempts. (His volleys were delicious in London!)
4. At least 5 more backhand winners per match. (Gosh, what a beauty!)
5. Capitalize on match point opportunities. (We've seen what happens when he fails to do so...)
6. No more losses to Rafa. (Who dares disagree?)
7. More Davis Cup appearances. (He loves his country, so why not try and get it back on track...)
8. Some doubles matches. (It doesn't hurt to perfect perfection!) 
9. No more babies! (The twins are more than a handful!)
10. Even classier outfits! (He is already the best dressed sportsperson...)
11. Send Grand Slam tickets to at least one of his fans. (E.g., yours truly.)

Happy New Year everybody!

(P.S. - Let's end the year with two of Roger's fabulous backhand winners against Rafael Nadal at the 2010 World Tour Finals in London!)